Early History

From “The Presbyterian Banner”, July 28, 1904

The Presbyterian Church was organized in Huron on February 10, 1835, by a committee of the Presbytery of Huron, consisting of Rev. Enoch Conger, Zenophone Betts, and E. Judson.  This Region was originally in the Presbytery of Grand River, in connection with the Synod of Pittsburgh.  In 1823 the Presbytery was divided, and the new part was called the Presbytery of Huron, which still remains, though it was further divided and the Presbytery of Maumee was erected in 1843.

In 1825, the presbyteries of Grand River, Portage, and Huron, were erected into the Synod of Ohio.  The Huron church was organized with fifteen members.  At first it worshiped in a schoolhouse on the lake park, and in 1840 it secured a small building, also on the park, that had been a Baptist church.  This building is still in use as the parish house of the Episcopal Church.  In 1853 the church erected, near the center of town, at a cost of $5,000, a building, which was then the finest church in the region.  This building is still in use, but four years ago it was completely remodeled and transformed into a beautiful modern church, with all conveniences, at a cost of more than $6,000.   The membership of the church is now 221, and it is thoroughly organized and actively at work in all departments.  It would be hard to find anywhere a more faithful and loyal people.

The Huron church has had fourteen ministers, of whom only four were installed as pastors.  Its first pastor, and one of the ministers who has done most for it, was Rev. Charles H. Taylor, who began to serve the church in 1850 as stated supply, was installed pastor in 1854, and continued as pastor until 1858.  Rev. F. Z. Rossiter was pastor from 1859 to 1866; Rev. H. B. Dye was stated supply from 1866 to 1870; Rev. C.K. Smoyer was started supply from 1873 to 1879; Rev. James H. Snowden was pastor from 1879 to 1883;  Rev. E. L. Dresser was stated supply from 1883 to 1886;  Rev. W.T. Hart was pastor from 1886 to 1903, the longest pastorate in the history of the church.  Under his pastorate the congregation was almost doubled and the building was remodeled.

The present energetic and efficient stated supply is Rev. B. A. Rayson, who, with his gifted wife, has served the church for a year and a half.  It was a rare pleasure to meet these good people and renew the fellowship of former years.  Many changes have come
to them, but they are the same people in heart, and our visit to them will long live as a bright spot in memory.

Written by James H. Snowden (1904) in an article titled “A Trip to Northern Ohio”