Presbyterian Women

All of the women in the church are members of the Presbyterian Women. This group formerly known as the Womens’ Association was organized in 1946 and has been active in the church ever since. The following are some of the activities for this group.


There are three circles, Lydia/Rachel Circle, Martha Circle and Mary Circle that meet once a month for Bible Study and Fellowship.  Meeting are held at church or in the home of one of the members.


One ongoing group of dedicated women is the Quilters with active involvement from 1977 to current day. Early efforts by the Quilters state they used scraps of material to complete tied quilts that were sent to the Church World Service.

Then, over the years they made popular machine quilted block quilts which were sold to church and community members. In 1981, the women began hand stitching the quilts in addition to the tying method. All of the money received from hand stitching is donated to Mission work, and the Blanket Fund.

Throughout the years over 50 women have quilted at the church and have given over $10,300 to Mission. The Quilters continue to hand stitch quilts made by church and community members, including baby quilts given at baptisms. They also have sponsored a very successful Quilt Show held in Fellowship Hall.


The Quilters meet at the church on Thursday mornings in the Fellowship Hall. Church and interested community members are always welcome to sit-in.

For more information contact the church office at 419-433-5018.

Rummage Sale/Catering

To raise money for local and world Missions, the Presbyterian Women hold a rummage sale twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, to benefit the community. Besides Rummage Sales, this group caters the Retired Teachers’ Luncheons.

Prayer Shawls

A prayer shawl is a wonderful expression of the love and care of our Lord for us, both as the knitter of one and as the recipient of one.  What comfort it brings to wrap a warm soft, beautiful “hug” around your self knowing that God and your fellow Christians love you.  A shawl is also an expression of joy and celebration.  It is a great statement for an expecting parent, a couple starting a married life, or the marking of an anniversary.  Jesus loved to celebrate these blessings from God.

We have several shawls available.  We also have beautiful gift tags to go with the shawls written by our Eileen Wikel.  Please let the church know of anyone who could use a shawl.  (419-433-5018)