Little Wonders Preschool


Our Philosophy

color logo_littlewonders - Copy (2)Little Wonders Presbyterian Preschool provides a nurturing Christian environment where children can learn to socialize with peers and other adults, and to develop age appropriate basic skills. The staff recognizes the importance of balanced growth so they provide opportunities for mental, physical and emotional growth through a variety of creative experiences. Children are encouraged to learn and explore at their own speed in areas that interest them. We are pleased that you have chosen to include us in the growth and development of your children.


The facility is licensed to operate legally by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. This license is posted in a conspicuous place for review.


A child is considered to be enrolled in the center only after the registration fee has been received, the administrator confirms the availability of space and the required paperwork is received.

DSCN4112Any changes to the basic enrollment and health paperwork must be communicated to the administrator immediately so that current information is always on file. This is for the safety of your child.

A medical form signed by a physician or certified nurse practitioner is required to be submitted within 30 days of admission. This medical form must be updated every 13 months.

School Year

The Little Wonders school year begins the day after Labor Day and ends the Wednesday before Memorial Day. The school calendar will follow the Huron City School’s calendar.

13237852_10103485674682000_7120223488024806137_nStaff/Child Ratios and Maximum Group Size

The State required ratios are: 1:12 Preschoolers (3-4 years)

1:14 Preschoolers (4-eligible for kindergarten)

Because we desire to provide a high level of quality care, we will maintain a 1:10 ratio at all times at Little Wonders Presbyterian Preschool.

DSCN4153The maximum group size is 24 3-year olds or 28 5-year olds.  Our maximum group size will not exceed 20 students. This is the maximum group size allowed in order to meet a 3-Star Rating through Ohio’s Step up to Quality Program.

Safety Policy

The preschoolers will be supervised at all times during
school hours. There is a phone in the classroom
available to the staff in case of an emergency to
call 911. The preschool handbook details additional
safety procedures.

Tuition and Fees

Please contact the school at 419-433-4348.

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